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ImageConstructed between September of 1929 and November of 1931, this impressive 32 story building was built in Niagara Square to be the new “city center”.

Its design was intended to reflect and be a reminder of Buffalo’s past, it’s present and it’s future.  At a cost of nearly $7,000,000,000, this was, at the time, the most costly city center in the country.

The art deco design by Dietel & Wade presents a balanced appeal, allowing for a modern look that blends nicely with the other classical architecture of its neighbors. The John W. Cowper Co. built City Hall. Its interior and exterior reflect the importance of our rich Native American heritage, our position as a gateway to Canada and the Great Lakes and our industrial and agricultural importance at that time.

The building, by all standards and considerations of the time was right sized.  It was capable of housing all of the departments needed to address the needs of a growing metropolis. Today, this same building, still dedicated to providing services to its citizens, is the largest by any city in our country.

You haven’t lived unless you taken a trip to the Observation Deck, some 360 feet above street level.  From this vantage point one can take in the entire city and much of Southern Ontario.

Weekday tours are free and are conducted between noon and 1 p.m.

Check out www.preservationbuffalloniagara.org for more Buffalo Tour info.