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In late January of this year, another in a series of reuse campaigns was announced in Buffalo, NY. In a joint effort, utilizing state support and private investment, about one third of the massive 480,000 square foot H.H. Richardson complex will be recreated as a boutique hotel, event and conference space and the Buffalo Architecture Center.

The $56.4 million dollar renovation represents yet another re-birth for a great architectural gem from our past. For years this complex has sat empty, many fearing the wrecking ball was the only thing in it’s future. We are now anticipating a three-year project that will bring this campus back to life!

Revitalizing this gem will add another feather in a hat full of distinctive buildings. The addition of the Buffalo Architecture Center, will highlight the ability to bring this 19th century masterpiece, currently a National Historic Landmark, into 21st century relevance.

Here’s hoping this will add additional oomph to our tourism efforts to promote our architecture.  Click Here to get an overview of this great project. Of course, we’d encourage you to visit High Peaks Photography for pictures of this and other Buffalo gems.