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Amidst the cranes and hope for a new Buffalo, sits wonders created in the past that still shine today. The Buffalo Savings Bank is one of them. This building was completed in 1901 under the guidance of the Green & Wicks architectural firm, centrally located in downtown Buffalo, NY at the intersections of Main, Huron and Genesee Streets. This golden domed building became the center of this area’s banking industry.

Millard Fillmore was among the founding trustees for the bank. Green & Wicks modeled the structure in the classical revival style incorporating the dome, among many other distinct features. Because of the unusual lot size, the building was constructed on three street fronts. The arches and columns, along with it’s significant clock in a carved stone frame, are often over shadowed by the gold leaf exterior dome.

Currently the home of M&T Bank, Buffalo Savings Bank (which eventually became Gold Dome Bank), went insolvent in 1991. In those days if you didn’t run your business properly, you went out of business, no bail outs for them!

There are so many details to this structure, you owe yourself the pleasure of stopping in for a look around! We feature our take on the building in our Buffalo NY gallery, Page 3 and page 5.  You can access High Peaks here: www.highpeaksphotography.com. Enjoy!